Brown water plagues local neighborhood

RALEIGH Residents say the water in their facets turned brown Friday.

Raleigh public utilities assured them they were fixing the problem. But by Saturday, Brier Creek residents like Paulette Troy still had dirty water.

"I'm peeved and that's putting it lightly, to think I can't even open my faucet and be assured the water the city is providing me is safe," Troy said. "Who knows what's in it, this could be sewage who knows would you drink that."

Troy posed the same question to Raleigh's Water Distribution Superintendent Andy Brogden while investigating the problem.

"I feel comfortable saying the water is safe to drink, but certainly the residents if they're not comfortable drinking it they should boil it or drink bottled water," Brogden said.

City officials believe the dirty water is isolated to two streets in Brier Creek. They think the construction is what's causing the water problem and they are working to fix it.

Brogden says a new line had been tested for structural and bacteriological integrity and passed, but, the added pressure caused a problem.

"The increased velocity stirred up any sediment or anything that would have been in the pipe," Brogden said.

The pipes were shut off while the line was flushed.

Brogden says residents should run their water to clean the lines and empty hot water tanks. But that isn't reassuring to residents like Troy who says she will be drinking bottled water for some time.

Tests are being done on the dirty water, but bacterial results won't be back until Monday.

Anyone else noticing a problem with their water should contact public utilities.

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