Teens injured in high speed chase

GARNER It began when an officer tried to stop the pair for driving recklessly near downtown Raleigh. The 14-year-old driver and 16-year-old passenger refused to stop and instead got on to Interstate 40.

A second deputy says the teens were going around 100 miles per hour when he lost sight of them on I-40.

The Toyota Corolla exited at Highway 70 in the Garner area. When the following deputies came around the bend in the exit, they found the car had gone over a crash barrier, gone airborne, and hit some trees.

Officers say there were no skid marks. All the air bags in the car deployed on impact.

It wasn't until after the car wrecked that Wake Sheriff's deputies say they realized it was stolen.

"That's exactly reason they didn't stop," Wake County Sheriff Donnie Harrison said. "They knew that they had to go, that if they stopped they were going to be in trouble."

It's not clear how seriously the teens were injured, but officials say they're not life-threatening.

"They're very lucky, very lucky," Harrison said. "I don't know what speed she was travelling when she hit the tree but they're both very lucky to be here."

The teen's names have not been released.

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