Local college may cut operation hours

DURHAM Durham Technical Community College is considering a four day work week for its faculty and staff.

Students on campus say a drastic change like this could force them to drop out.

Monday through Friday computer labs at Durham Tech Community College are busy, but proposed budget cuts could mean one less day to get homework done.

That's why Vanessa Nowik and several other students are speaking out against plans to close the computer labs and the library on Fridays, allowing faculty and staff to work 10 hour days four days a week.

"I've got three jobs, how am I supposed to do that if they cut when I get off work and have to go to the library," student Vanessa Nowik said. "I don't have a computer at home."

Summer session at Durham Tech and other local colleges is also in jeopardy.

Some classes may be cancelled despite a record breaking increase in enrollment.

"Instead of cutting from the bottom they should cut from the top, because people come to Durham Tech either because they've been laid off or they're trying to pick up a trade," student Edwin Smith said.

So far administrators say no decisions have been made.

"Some changes may be unavoidable due to the financial situation faced by Durham Tech," an administrator said in a letter.

Monday's meeting gave students a chance to voice their concerns and administrators say they'll take that into consideration.

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