Cumberland County in good financial shape

CUMBERLAND COUNTY Right now Cumberland County Commissioners say the county is in good financial shape.

They haven't ordered any hiring freezes or budget cuts. They say that's because of good fiscal planning and a strong military connection.

Cumberland County commissioners spent most of Monday in a planning and budget retreat.

They have been crunching the numbers and right now things don't look too bad.

"We have asked departments to look within their budgets and reduce spending just as a precautionary mode," Assistance County Finance Manager Amy Cannon said. "But we feel confident that our conservative budgeting in Cumberland County with carry us through this fiscal year."

Cannon says retails sales taxes collected during the first four months of this fiscal year have Cumberland County in better financial shape than most neighboring communities.

"The sales tax that is generated in Cumberland County is out performing sales tax that is actually distributed on the statewide basis, which means that our community is very strong and grounded in the military," Cannon said. "And our retail sales are doing very well here in Cumberland County."

The local sales tax is a big deal especially in a military town. While many service members don't pay local property taxes they shop at the mall and pay sales taxes. That money goes a long way in paying for county services.

While things look good this fiscal year, which ends June 30, commissioners are trying to figure out what to do after that.

"Anything can change but based on conservative budgeting we fell very strong that we'll be able to make it through this fiscal year without any personnel reductions," Cannon said.

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