Results in for local peanut butter plant

CARY Test results from the Kellogg's plant in Cary came back Monday.

The North Carolina Department Of Agriculture says it's the same strand in the nationwide outbreak.

The paste was sent to the Cary plant from a Georgia plant directly tied to the outbreak.

The state is now working with the plant, which makes Austin and Keebler crackers to clean up any contamination.

"There's a lot of work to do," Joe Reardon with the NC Department of Agriculture said. "When you look at bringing a plan that large back online, there's a lot of equipment and a lot of piping, conveyers, equipment, so there's a lot of work left to do on our part, a lot of testing to do. What we want to make sure of is that future products that come out of the factor as well as the company does, is free from contaminants. We want to make sure the products are safe."

There is no word on when normal operation at the Cary plant will resume.

The plant has been shut down since mid- January.

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