Donations low for local university

DURHAM Private donations at Duke University are reportedly down millions of dollars.

Donations have helped Duke from their classrooms to its academic reputation. But the checks just aren't coming in like they use to.

"Right now we're probably down 20 to 21 percent compared to this time last year," Michael Schoenfeld with Duke University said.

In years past, the university has raised up to $385 million in private funds. The university is already rethinking future plans.

"We don't have anything that's ready to go just yet, but given the situation in the credit markets and in economy we're almost certainly going to delay things that had been planned for a while," Schoenfeld said.

Development in the central campus area and renovations to the West Union are just a few plans now on hold. The good news is the downturn has yet to affect jobs on campus.

"No we're not under a hiring freeze, we're looking very carefully at expenses," Schoenfeld said.

The university is holding out hope future fundraisers will make up for lost time and money.

"There's no question that what's happening in the global economy, regional economy and local economy is going to have an impact on Duke, we're not immune to it," Schoenfeld said.

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