A crime alert in Cary widens

CARY The home is inside the Preston Carramore neighborhood off Davis Drive.

Cary Police have arrested a man in the incident, but they don't believe he is the same person who just days before, tied up and terrorized a nearby neighbor.

However, they are trying to figure out what role --if any-- he played in the other break-ins.

Nina Toucova, 12, was home alone Friday afternoon when she heard a knock at the door and the doorbell ring.

"I peeked out from there and he was like shaking the door," Toucova said.

Panicked, Toucova says she called her parents' cell phone.

"I was on the phone with my mom and she was telling me to run to the neighbor's house," Toucova said.

Just as she got out the back door, she heard the man open the gate along the fence.

"I thought I was going to die," she said. "That was it, that's what I was thinking."

She hopped the six foot fence into the neighbor's yard.

"I saw her pacing on her cell phone in the back yard," neighbor Judy Edwards said. "So I opened the door and said is something wrong? And she said yea, there is a man at my front door."

Cary Police caught up with the man a few miles away. Now they're trying to figure out if he's tied to the two other break-ins off council gap court in Cary late last month.

"We are still looking to see if he is responsible for any other burglaries in the area not only Preston, but anywhere else within the Triangle," Cary Police Captain Michael William said.

As for the other neighborhoods hit, Cary Police held a community meeting and information session Monday night to talk about the incidents and what homeowners can do to keep their families safe.

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