Local toy store closes

CARY Loyal customers of the Cary store say the closing is not only emotional, but they fear it is a sign of things to come.

Eyewitness News talked with some of those customers and the owner of Cary's Abrakidara toys.

Alan Carson said he has done all he can to cut costs. When he changed locations to save on rent, his loyal customers, like Gail Kogut, followed him.

"He competes with the big guns, but there are toys that you can't get at the big stores," Kogut said.

Not to mention, the service and personal attention you can't get at the big stores.

But, even having a popular niche store didn't keep Carson in the black.

After more than a decade in the specialty retail toy business, Carson said he had been through some times. But it was this past September that he realized things just weren't adding up.

So, when he got a job offer closer to his family in Georgia, he decided to close Abrakidabra by the end of this month.

Customer Rita Walia said losing the store is emotional for her. During her most recent visit, she said she felt bad about using her frequent customer discount.

Walia tries to frequent small businesses near her home in Cary, but lately it seems more and more are closing their doors.

"It's just sad knowing that the little mom and pop shops that I love and that I love to frequent are leaving," Walia said.

And the customers aren't the only ones who are emotional about Abrakidaba's closing.

Carson said he dreads the quickly approaching time when the chimes on the door ring for the last time and his final customer walks out the door.

"I've seen a lot kids that came in as babies going off to college almost," Carson said sadly. "Yeah, it's tough. It'll be even tougher as it gets close to the end of the month."

Abrakidabra will still live on online. But even free shipping won't make up for the loss of a store beloved by children and adults.

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