Troubleshooter: Laser Hair Removal Problems

FAYETTEVILLE Being in the military and stationed all over the country, Hovind says she thought American Laser Centers would work for her.

“They had locations in all the places I was going to be moving because I move around a lot," she explained.

She paid American Laser Centers in full a little more than $2,100 in exchange for hair-free, smooth legs.

“It says hair free in six sessions," she said.

It's that two year guarantee that Hovind felt good about. It says "if any hair grows in the treated area, we'll remove it for free."

The problem for Hovind was even after 6 treatments she wasn't happy.

“I've had no results whatsoever from anything. About the third or fourth treatment, I started asking questions. That's when they said 'Maybe it will be eight instead of six. Maybe it will be 10 instead of that. Oh, the next one will be a double pass,'" Hovind recalled.

In all, Hovind says she went through 10 laser hair removal treatments on her legs, with the tenth one being a double pass.

“I started asking for a refund, and they said 'Oh, we need a medical review. Oh, we have to try double passes,'” said Hovind.

Hovind did not want any more treatments, as she said they're painful and even after 10 treatments still no results.

“They promised me a service and a result and it hasn't happened at all,” she told Troubleshooter Diane Wilson.

Hovind called not only her local office of American Laser Centers but the corporate office too and got nowhere, so she turned to Wilson.

Wilson got in touch with American Laser Centers and they issued a statement which said in part:

"Our records indicate that all of the timing and number of treatment protocols have not been followed by Ms. Hovind, however we will provide her a 50 percent refund or the opportunity to continue treatments under our protocol for an additional two years.

Hovind opted for the 50 percent refund and recently received it. In American Laser Center's contract, it does state the fees are nonrefundable, and that results may vary for clients.

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