Perdue vacation unsettling for some

"The governor has certainly classified this as a working vacation, and I can tell you that we've already heard from her multiple times in the last day-and-a-half, so she is in close contact with what's going on in North Carolina," Chrissy Pearson, Perdue's spokesperson told Eyewitness News.

Perdue's office told Eyewitness News that the Governor and her husband are on vacation and left over the weekend aboard a commercial flight.

The getaway comes after less than a month on the job.

"This is not a taxpayer-funded trip by any means," Peasron assured. "The governor and her husband paid for this trip. They took commercial flights, the troopers were not involved, there's no security with her, so this is a fully privately-funded trip."

Perdue's office said the trip had been planned for a long time. And while the Governor's location is undisclosed, it is believed that she is vacationing in a warm climate.

"This was a trip that was planned between her and her husband for quite some time," Pearson explained. "This was private family time, but obviously this is not a time in North Carolina's conditions, economic and otherwise, that she can leave without, you know, looking back. She has budget books with her, she has her computer, she has a way to continue working during her time away."

However, her timing is not looked on favorably by some.

The NC GOP is questioning if the governor should vacation so soon into her new role, given the state of economy.

"We've got workers who are facing layoffs, double-digit unemployment, our university employees are facing furloughs," said Brent Woodcox, communications director NC GOP. "Just before Governor Perdue left she told state employees, look for layoffs, they're coming, and then she says, ok, I'm off on vacation. We think that might be a little early."

Similar sentiments were expressed in a written statement by Chairman Linda Daves, North Carolina Republican Party. "While I understand that Governor Perdue has been facing long hours and stressful situations in her first month in office, it may be a bit early for a vacation. Governor Perdue has pledged the most transparent administration in the history of North Carolina yet right now we don't even know where she is."

The statement went on to say it would be nice for constituents to know exactly where the Governor is given the state's difficult economic times.

Daves reassured the Governor that North Carolina's problems will still be here when she returns.

While the Governor is away, the state constitution places Lt. Governor Walter Dalton in charge.

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