Where are the jobs?

RALEIGH On any given day job seekers crowd the local unemployment office, looking for work and financial assistance.

Surprisingly there are plenty of jobs out there. The problem is not everyone is qualified.

A quick search by area code on the Employment Security Commissions Web site turns up thousands of jobs.

Click here to visit Employment Security Commission's Web site.

"There is a wide range of things --sales-- there is lots of sales during this time," said Larry Parker with Employment Security Commission.

But scoring a sales slot isn't an easy shot, no matter how qualified you are the competition is tough.

"Whether they're qualified or not," he said. "Or whether they're overqualified for it, they're seeing a lot more resumes now for a particular job opening."

That's why a lot of people are taking a step down in pay and taking a job they never thought they'd take.

"There's not a lot of middle ground jobs it's more of either lower paid jobs or extremely high paying jobs," Parker said. "I think right now people are taking what they can get."

Others are taking a seat back in the classroom.

"There is a lot of one year and two year education degrees out there that can really help them in the future," Parker added.

Help them secure a job in a specialty field, like education, healthcare and the booming mortgage business.

"The mortgage industry is having a surge of opportunity, a lot of people are taking advantage of the great mortgage rates and refinancing," said Darrell Parker with Manpower.

Manpower, a local employment agency, is helping place dozes of skilled workers without a job.

"We're looking for mortgage underwriters, loan closers and mortgage processors," he said.

Manpower will hold a job fair at their Raleigh office Wednesday and Thursday. They say they have hundreds of positions to fill.

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