School to be built on alleged slave cemetery?

WAKE COUNTY The proposed building site is in northeast Raleigh, off Forestville Road near Highway 401.

The cemetery is deep in the woods where Wake County plans to build the high school.

Currently, some yellow tape and orange flags mark what many believe, and experts confirm to be grave sites, but it's not clear who is buried there.

"I'm not an Archeologist," resident Debbie Vair said. "I don't know if it's a Euro-American or if it's an African American, I don't know what it is."

But Vair and her friends say they are on a mission to find out. They have created a Web site called , with the belief that based on markings they've found on stones, that it could be slaves buried there.

"We've paid nearly $10,000 for an expert in this field to come and take a look at it, to identify what is a grave and what isn't," said Lori Millburg, a school board member who represents the district. "Clearly the people who have raised this concern do not have this expertise."

The experts say it could be Euro-Americans and that all grave sites have been identified.

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Vair argues there is more out there and that they could be slaves. But she says they should all be protected.

"If this has something to do with slaves, that's a major part of North Carolina history, all can learn from this," Vair said.

Wake County already has a high school in their district that has been built near cemeteries. At Millbrook High School, next to their soccer and baseball practice fields, there are a couple of gravesites protected by a fence.

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