Cumberland reassigns students

FAYETTEVILLE "It's our home and it's been like this since we opened," explained Principal Jane Barnes. "We've had a lot of students. Gallberry was built to be a very large school to begin with- I believe capacity to hold about 800, and within three years we had added four classrooms."

But that's about to change. Tuesday night, the school board voted to reassign more than 1700 students in the Cumberland County district.

Angelic Chrismon is one of the lucky ones. Her son and two grandchildren get to stay at Gallberry Farm.

"I got a friend - matter of fact - she's having to reassign her youngun and she's not very happy about it. He's been going here. He's a second grader. He's been going here since he's been in Kindergarten and she don't like to uplift him and move," Chrismon explained.

But something has got to change. All one has to do is visit the cafeteria at lunch to see the problem. How do you pack them all in?

"Everybody's got to be on time, but it happens. And by the end of the day, we have fed about 650 children breakfast and about 900 children lunch," said Barnes.

The reassignment plan will move more than 1,100 middle school students and also eliminates overcrowding at John Giffin middle school. More than 600 elementary school students will move.

That means no more portable classrooms at Gallberry - at least not next year. To find out where your student will go next year, go to

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