Angry Raleigh residents meet with City

RALEIGH Homeowners are upset with the City for trying to force them to tear up their lawns.

The City of Raleigh is requiring homeowners to clear cut 20 feet across their lawns for sewer easements. For some residents, that means tearing up their front and back yards.

The clearing is required by federal law but some residents say the work would be costly and unattractive for their properties.

The work needs to be completed so the City can obtain a state permit for sewer collection.

Homeowners have 30 days or more if needed, to clear the areas. According to one Raleigh resident, it may cost him $20,000.

Residents say they would rather take their chances with not clearing their properties. The purpose of the clearing is to provide a clear route for City trucks in case of a sewage overflow.

Homeowners who are opposed to the law will meet with employees from the public utilities department this morning.

The City of Raleigh says it has very few sewage overflows compared to other cities because of its aggressive sewer maintenance program.

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