It's Your Money: $20 Valentine Day Gifts

RALEIGH You don't need to spend big bucks to make your valentine's heart flutter. We hit the streets and put lots of old favorites to the twenty buck test. Could we find something to please just about everyone?

The possibilities are endless when it comes to Valentine’s Day. With a twenty dollar bill as my limit, we went in search of deals.

Our first task was to find the most popular gift which is flowers. We found the best deal for dozen roses any color, just $19.99 at Whole Foods. They have plenty of fresh smelling roses and if your sweetheart isn't a fan of the buds, don't worry they have many other stems to chose from like tulips, lily’s, even potted flowers all for under twenty bucks.

Also at Whole Foods, complete prepared dinner for two which includes a main course, sides and even dessert, just $14.99. And 'moo' love in the meat department as filets, tenderloins, rib eyes all under twenty bucks a pound.

If your valentine is a pizza lover, how about trying a heart shape pizza from Papa John's. It won't break your budget or your valentine’s heart as pie is just ten bucks. The Papa John’s in Brier Creek cooked one up for us and it tastes as good as it looks!

Does your valentine have a sweet tooth; the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory also in Brier Creek has several choices all under twenty bucks. You can get a dozen truffles for under $15.00 or how about the perfect gift complete with a stuffed animal, some chocolate, a planter all wrapped up for under fifteen bucks. They also have chocolate covered strawberries and the hot selling valentine apples for just eight bucks.

You can even find something sexy for your sweetie for twenty bucks at Victoria Secrets. If lotions, bath gels, or smelly stuff is the way to your valentines heart, then Bath and Body Works also has many valentine gift sets for under twenty bucks.

But what about bling? Can you really find jewelry for twenty bucks? We found something pretty close for $20.00. At Bailey's in Cameron Village they have over a hundred cases of jewelry. While some will cost you thousands, we found fresh water pearl earrings in white or black for twenty one bucks. If you have a few extra dollars, an 18 inch fresh water pearl necklace for just twenty five bucks. And yes, it comes in a Bailey box! So you do have to spend a few extra dollars there to get the bling, but still not a bad price.

We also found many choices of flowers, baked goods and even stuffed animals all under twenty bucks at the local grocery stores. And if money is really tight, we bought a balloon, fresh rose and a card for $2.50 at the Dollar Tree.

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