Was a plea for help ignored?

VANCE COUNTY Sandra Long said she found her fiancé, 46-year-old Wallace Braswell, Jr., slumped over a weight bench in her home on January 26.

"Wallace was in the bedroom watching television and I heard him cough, a real loud cough and I asked him what was wrong and he did not answer me," Long recalled.

Long said she called 911 twice but an ambulance never arrived.

"I'm calling because I have someone here that's coughing real bad and he's sweating and he can't talk and I don't know what to do," said Long.

Vance County Commissioner Scott Hughes says that's when things went wrong. He says several ambulance crews could have responded to the call, but none did.

"We've known for some time that we have a problem with emergency services. We need to change the administration," Vance told Eyewitness News.

Hughes says part of the problem is a lack of emergency workers.

"If we had had the staffing that we should have had, this would have never happened," he offered.

Hughes says the county is investigating the incident. Long is waiting for answers.

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