Marchers want change in NC

RALEIGH The third annual Historic Thousands on Jones Street, also known as HK on J, kicked off at Chavis Park and later concluded at the general assembly building in Raleigh.

The group, made up of hundreds from many different organizations, say they want to send a message to lawmakers about issues they want addressed.

"This is not about one person, this is not about one organization; this is about the people and thousands of people that are committed to this agenda," NC NAACP President William Barber said. "This agenda is an agenda of hope, it's been vetted by best economists that say it's good for North Carolina. It's about justice; it's about curing some of the things we've never addressed in the past and our message today is don't budget on the backs of the poor."

The 14 point agenda focuses on; affordable housing, healthcare, high quality schools, financing historically black colleges and universities and ending the war in Iraq. Trying to fix those problems is what HK on J says it is all about.

The agenda is already getting lawmakers and legislators attention.

"Some of these points I've heard before, some of these arguments I've heard before and some of these arguments I have not, and I believe it instills in us as council of state members the passion these people feel and the severity of the problems," State Auditor Beth Wood said.

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