DTV transition may leave some confused

DURHAM Congress and President Obama moved back the transition from analog broadcasting to digital until June 12, but local stations like CW and RDC, both located in Raleigh, plan to switch on the original date of February 17.

When the switch occurs, some viewers - especially seniors - in the area who still relay on their old analog TV sets could be staring at a blank TV screen unless they've purchased and installed a converter box that transforms the digital signal to an analog one that their TVs can use.

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The CW said its viewers who watch the station from cable and satellite should see no changes in their programming. The CW airs Eyewitness News at 10 p.m.

Many stations have said they won't delay the switch because of the cost of maintaining two broadcasting systems.

The Federal Communications Commission said the new date for June 12 was set because some may not be prepared for the switch or they simply don't have a converter box. The federal coupon program that gives viewers $40 to buy a converter box ran out of money. The delay should allow anyone who wants to buy a box time to do so.

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