ACORN helps homeowners in jeopardy of foreclosure

DURHAM Tuesday in Durham, a group of protestors representing the organization protested the sale of foreclosed homes.

ACORN helps negotiate new mortgage rates with lenders on behalf of homeowners.

"Protesting the sale of the foreclosure, the auction of people's homes that are facing foreclosure, the whole process of people losing their homes is something we don't stand for," said Michael De Los Santon, ACORN.

At least one dozen ACORN members protested outside the Durham County Courthouse.

According to the group, Durham County is one of the leading counties where people are losing their homes.

But it's the process that has the group upset. At the courthouse, daily auctions are held, giving banks a chance to sell foreclosed homes.

On a wall inside the courthouse hangs a board filled with notices of houses to be auctioned.

But homeowners aren't the only ones affected. Renters who pay rent to landlords who can't afford their mortgages can also find themselves in danger of eviction.

Renter Patricia Carpenter told Eyewitness News she found out she was getting evicted when she noticed a for sale sign outside the home she was renting.

"Two weeks later, a sheriff knocked on the door saying we had to move out," Carpenter said.

Protestors hope to bring awareness to families that are left out in the cold and put and end to the auctions. Most importantly, ACORN wants banks to begin working with homeowners before it's too late.

Homeowners in jeopardy of losing their homes to foreclosure should contact ACORN. Click here for more information.

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