Stimulus' impact on North Carolina

RALEIGH Local economists tell Eyewitness News 105,000 is a very general and very broad number. While others say it's really just an educated guess.

The White House doesn't think so, according to their figures.

The number of jobs the stimulus act is expected to create or save is broken down by congressional districts:

  • 8,700 jobs in the 13th District
  • 8,300 jobs for District 2
  • 9,200 jobs for District 4
  • 8,200 jobs for District 7

For the thousands collecting unemployment or out there looking for work, they hope to see some of the 105,000 jobs become a reality.

Jumanah Stockton of Raleigh is one of the hundreds of thousands of people in North Carolina looking for a full time job. She and her family moved to North Carolina from Texas shortly after Thanksgiving.

"We've been unemployed until I just recently got a waitressing position," Stockton said. "I have not waitressed since I was in college and I'm now 36."

Stockton says she is skeptical of the stimulus bill, but she's trying to be optimistic.

"I know it takes time once things hit bottom and hoping that this is bottom and it doesn't get any worse from here I'm hoping it'll only get better," She said.

"We all hope that it works, I'll be the first one to say that I was wrong, but I fear that it won't," North Carolina Senator Richard Burr said.

Congressman Bob Etheridge of Lillington says 11,000 jobs in our state will be created just from his interest free school construction bond legislation passed in the stimulus bill.

"You take those jobs, those leverage more jobs and you get this machinery up and running again," Etheridge said.

Etheridge says several construction projects will likely begin in 30 to 90 days. While other items in the bill will happen sometime over the next two years.

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