No death penalty in Orange Co. Murder

HILLSBOROUGH Orange County detectives say the 20-year-old was shot and buried in a shallow grave in an area northwest of Carrboro. The body was later moved to an area next to Jordan Lake.

Prosecutors say 19-year-old Matthew Johnson fired the shot that killed Bailey. Also charged are 18-year-old Brian Minton, Jacob Maxwell, also 18, 26-year-old Brandon Greene, 21-year-old Ryan Davis Lee, and 20-year-old Jack Johnson II. Minton's parents, Gregory and Mishele Minton, allegedly helped the men move the body by giving them advice and renting a truck.

District Attorney Jim Woodall said in court Wednesday that the night Bailey was killed, he and the group accused thought someone may have been talking to police about their drug activity or that someone was not loyal to the group. It was decided Bailey was the one and he was then killed.

Bailey's family told the media in a statement that they were satisfied with how the prosecutor has handled the case so far.

"We are confident that Mr. Woodall has a well developed plan to bring the ones that murdered our son to justice. We are looking forward to the moment convictions are handed down and finally there is justice for Josh," read the statement.

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