Williams drops F-bomb on reporters

RALEIGH But Thursday, it was the post game news conference that had a lot of people talking because of what Roy Williams had to say.

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He was not happy with some of what his team did - even though they did win.

"I'm not the smartest guy around but I'm not the dumbest. The other night we were sick, tonight we stunk, and all the talking heads on TV say they should do this, they should do that. They aren't at our practices they don't know our team. There are some things we stink at," he told reporters. "If I knew the answer to that, you think we'd still be [BLEEPING] stinking?! Okay, strike that f-word, I meant to say frickin!"

The question that set all of that off had to do with the team's efforts to double team NC State players and operate the full court press. The news conference aired live on the radio, but not on any TV stations.

So far, UNC has no comment about the post-game curse word.

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