Hagan tours Bragg, addresses stimulus

FAYETTEVILLE She was most impressed with General Lloyd Alston, who is Fort Bragg's commander. He spoke to the Senator via a video conference from Iraq.

"And I just know that from looking at what I've witnessed this morning, I feel so comfortable about the troops that we have in Iraq and support system that they have," Senator Hagan said during her visit.

In addition to touring the base, Hagan talked about the President's stimulus package.

The multi-billion dollar spending has been controversial. Republican governors from Louisiana, South Carolina, Mississippi and Texas are considering turning down some of the stimulus package money.

Senator Hagan told Eyewitness News she has not heard anything about those governors, but knows several Republican governors who are looking forward to receiving the cash.

Hagan says Governor Chris from Florida, the Governor of Connecticut and the Governor of Vermont are optimistic about the money.

"Their states too are in dyer straights from this economic crunch that we're in right now," Hagan said. "And, I guess I'd be personally surprised to see the governors of certain states not take the money."

Hagan says the money is desperately needed in the Tar Heel State. She says there are several projects that will benefit from it and create jobs.

"Just yesterday I attended a shovel-ready project that's ready to go up on Highway 52 on the border of Forsyth and Stokes counties on a project that's been on the books since about 1995," Hagan said. "[It] had funding then it was pulled back -- had funding, pulled back. Now, it will receive funding. It's a 21-million dollar project."

Senator Hagan wants to see stimulus money create jobs in North Carolina. She also hopes the relocation of the major Army commands under the BRAC plan will do the same thing for communities near Fort Bragg.

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