Troubleshooter: Phone line problems

SANFORD Faye Newby said her problems started last spring when her home phone line broke. She called her phone company Windstream. Technician's came out and fixed it, but she said she questioned the fix because the phone line - that starts at the box across the street - was left to run over the road to her house.

"At that time, they told me they would come back and cover the wire and put it under the ground like it's supposed to be," Newby told Wilson.

Before technician's came back, she said her line went out again.

"I didn't have any phone service because the cars were going back and forth over the line that was over top of the road," she explained.

She said Windstream sent a technician out, but he didn't bury the line either. Instead, she says he taped it and ran the line over the road again. When Faye questioned Windstream about the fix, she said she was promised numerous times it would be fixed right.

"Someone would be out to cover it, put it under the ground," she said she was told.

Instead, Faye says her phone line went out again and she was back to calling Windstream.

"It has gotten taped up numerous times. The last time, the guy came by he said 'Ms. Newby you won't have any problems on top of the ground because I used heavier tape this time,'" said Newby.

But Faye said her line got snagged again.

"I called Diane Wilson. I've been watching Troubleshooter time to time and I asked her to get on this problem," said Newby.

Within days of calling Troubleshooter Diane Wilson, technicians were at her house. This time they buried the phone line under the road, just like Faye said she was promised in the very beginning.

"It should have not gone this far," she offered.

A representative for Windstream said as soon as they were notified of the delay in burying the phone line, they immediately sent crews to resolve the issue. The representative also said the delay was an isolated incident and they've have taken steps to make sure it doesn't happen again. They also apologized for the inconvenience.

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