Turning to dot coms for jobs

RALEIGH Heather Brown is an example of one of the thousands looking for work.

"I did unemployment adjudication, which was taking unemployment claims," the Zebulon resident explained.

Brown moved here from Arizona where she couldn't even get a job at McDonald's.

"If you've never worked fast food and you're going to apply for a nine dollar an hour job when you've been getting 40 something a year, they're going to tell you no," she said.

Now, she's visiting the state-run job bank along with hundreds of others looking for a job. But there are alternatives to the lines at the unemployment office. There are websites that claim they can find you a job. One that offers to find hourly employment is snagajob.com. Eyewitness News put it to the test Thursday.

Just enter your zip code, hit search, and it claimed to have more than 400 job listings in the Triangle. They're all hourly, and most are in retail and restaurants.

We made a few phone calls to make sure the postings are real and current, but we couldn't get a straight answer on all of them. Some companies are hiring, some will take your application but don't have open spots, and some referred us managers who were not available.

These are typically not high wage jobs. Many pay between 8-10 dollars an hour, but that's something Brown and others say they're willing to take.

"I haven't done Burger King or McDonald's or anything like that, but it's gotten to the point that I might," she said.

"I'm most interested in is a job with medical benefits and hospitalization and so pretty much I would almost take any job I could get," said Richard Gibbs of Wendell who's also job hunting.

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