Substitute banned from teaching

DURHAM It all stems from what he allegedly said while instructing a fourth grade class at Bethesda Elementary. It apparently began while he was trying to get control and quiet the students.

"He started telling us that he was a terrorist from Iraq and he showed us his tattoos and everything," claimed 4th grader Krissy Williams.

Parents and students say they found the comments disturbing.

"I was mad. I'm not high tempered, but when it comes to my kids, that's my button you can push," offered Williams' mother Tracy. "She was upset. Some of the other school kids were even more upset because he told them if they didn't behave, that they wouldn't make it home."

Durham police say they are investigating the allegations against teacher Robert Fletcher. The incident report lists the alleged crime as a non-physical threat or intimidation.

He has not been arrested or charged with anything, but Durham public schools has also investigated and a spokesman says he's been banned from teaching in any Durham public school.

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