Parents to "take back schools"

RALEIGH School board members recently approved a plan to shift a little under 25 thousand students to different schools over the next three years. Officials say the plan is needed to handle projected growth, the opening of new schools, and the need to meet economic-diversity goals.

The move has been anything but popular with many parents who've attended public hearings in large numbers. Many oppose busing in favor of community schools closer to home. Supporters of the plan say it improves diversity and gives more a chance to achieve.

Now, a group called Take Wake Schools Back (TWSB) has organized a political action committee. PACs can raise money to support candidates they favor.

TWSB said in a news release sent to the media Tuesday that it wants to support candidates who will vote for community schools.

"As one of many concerned Wake County parents, it is clear that the current School Board is making decisions that are detrimental to the quality of our children’s education," said Dennis Berwyn, a member of the TWSB PAC. "The declining test score numbers illustrate that the existing policies, particularly the practice of busing students far away from their neighborhood schools, are not working."

There are four Wake County school board seats up for election this October.

More on about the political action commitee can be found on the group's website at

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