OC residents appeal property assessments

ORANGE COUNTY Members of the Orange Tax Revolt say their property assessments are excessive and unrealistic.

On Tuesday night, county commissioners heard homeowners cry for help, as hundreds of people packed inside the Senior Center causing some to be turned away. But those who stayed say their tax bills are atrocious in these tough times.

Orange County homeowners want commissioners to rescind the recent property revaluation that raised the average home's tax assessment 23 percent.

County officials say it can't be done, but this group disagrees. They point to Rockingham and Stanly Counties both went through the revaluation process, then when hard times hit, reverted back to their previous assessment levels.

In some cases the revaluation in Orange County has tripled property values and homeowners say they can't afford their tax bill.

"Some people won't be able to pay this and you are going to lose some good people from this county because of greed of our public authorities," a homeowner said while speaking out. "I worked all my life for my house and I want to be able to afford it."

However, county commissioners did not make any final decisions at the meeting. They say they will consider the comments.

Meanwhile, the group plans to be heard again, at a meeting still to be scheduled later this month.

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