Earmarks could bring new life to Triangle projects

RALEIGH The U.S. Senate is debating a bill that would earmark $7.7 billion in projects and millions could come into our state.

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"We're not hurting as badly as other states, but we certainly are hurting," Raleigh resident Dwen Andrews-Cita said.

Current and former North Carolina Congress members are asking for $1 million for wastewater projects in Cary and $1.5 million to widen I-85 in Durham, which is even more money set aside for other road projects around the Triangle.

There is almost $1.5 million earmarked to improve the bus systems both in Raleigh and in Durham. And that's one project tax payers are excited about.

"Well, I do think Raleigh probably could use a little bit more public transportation," Raleigh resident Jack Welsh said.

"The Raleigh bus system leaves a lot to be desired," Andrews-Cita added.

But one earmark is raising some eyebrows, an $870,000 to relocate a red wolf breeding facility.

"I didn't know we had red wolves," Welsh said.

"Maybe if it had been better planned originally, it wouldn't be necessary to move it now," Andrews-Cita said.

Some see the bill as a benefit to the state, while others say it's a reminder that everyone, even the government, should cut back in this tough economy.

"I'm sure that it will do some good things but obviously the deficit is pretty bad too and that's going to need to be addressed one of these decades," Welsh said.

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