Troubleshooter: Trouble Getting Paid

ROUGEMONT “Financially everybody knows the economy is really bad, so $5,000 is four or five months on our mortgage. So our mortgage is two months behind and just not being able to recover the money we can't pay our workers," offered Nellie Mata.

Mata says the problem started right after they painted the majority of a house for Legacy Builders.

“After finishing up he was supposed to go back to do touch-ups. We emailed and called him, but he never called us back,” Matta recalled.

Nellie said she sent Legacy Builders the bills for payment and called Legacy's owner several times.

“Every day for about two weeks, I would call and he wouldn't return my calls. I decided I would call Diane Wilson to see if she would help me out,” she said.

Troubleshooter Diane Wilson got in touch with Legacy Builders and within days P&M Painting got some welcome relief. Matta said the owner called her wanting to meet and pay them the money.

So P&M Painting did eventually get paid for the job they did which is more than $5,000, minus 10 percent since they did not do the touch-up work, which P&M said they would have done if they were called back to complete it. Since getting paid, they say they've been able to pay their mortgage and workers.

As for Legacy Builders they provided a statement which said in part, that they, "…maintain valuable relationships with over 142 subcontractors, suppliers, creditors, vendors, and homeowners." and so disputes are inevitable, but that they are "…committed to resolving these issues where possible."

To read Legacy Builders entire statement, click here

Two other sub-contractors of Legacy Builders contacted Troubleshooter Diane Wilson about not getting paid, both of them also did receive full payment.

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