Warm weather boosting business

RALEIGH The warm weather is providing an economic boost to some area nurseries, making it hard to believe just a few days ago the Triangle was digging out of snow.

"Just a few days ago we were sledding down a hill and not going to work and today were out shopping for spring flowers," gardener Bryan Fitzgerald said.

"It is really nice to be out after being cooped up last week," gardener Laura Witherspoon said.

Witherspoon is one of hundreds struck with spring fever to garden this weekend.

"It's important to me and I think it's important to the kids to be involved in gardening and getting their hands in the dirt and seeing where their food comes from," Witherspoon said.

While people are picking up things for their garden this weekend, it's helping the bottom line of the industry which really could use it in this recession.

"It's been noticeable in every industry and certainly we're no exception," said Joshua Logan with Logan's Trading Company. "We make every bit of profit we're going to make in the first part of the year. We don't open till 9 a.m., but we actually had folks at quarter to 9 a.m. trying to get in so we opened the store about 45 minutes early today."

Witherspoon believes the nursery business will continue to grow this spring despite the recession.

"It's another form of healthy eating, so I think it serves multiple purposes so I think it's an expense well worth while," Witherspoon said.

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