First Lady to visit Fort Bragg

WASHINGTON Fort Bragg is Mrs. Obama's first military installation visit as First Lady.

Officials tell Eyewitness News she will tour the post and meet with pre-selected military families and soldiers from each unit.

Army wife Heather Conroy hopes to be one of the chosen few to meet and talk with the First Lady.

"It shows that the military family is still in the forefront and the families are still in the forefront," Conroy said.

The Conroy's are Fort Bragg's family of the year. Sgt. Marty Conroy is deployed. His wife is a family readiness group leader. She glad the First Lady is an advocate for family issues.

"The military top brass are realizing that if you don't make the families happy, then the soldiers are not going to be happy and if the families are not happy the soldiers are not going to re-enlist," Conroy said.

The First Lady has made improving the lives of military families one of her top priorities. She focused on that during a ceremony near Arlington Cemetery last week.

During the presidential campaigns she made frequent stops near military bases including Fort Bragg to meet with military spouses.

On Wednesday, the white house is expected to release a few more details about the first lady's visit to Fort Bragg and Fayetteville.

Eyewitness News has learned plans are completed for Mrs. Obama to meet privately with community leaders and civilian volunteers Thursday afternoon.

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