Jason Young affair detailed in warrants

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Michelle Young, 29, was found beaten to death in her Wake County home in November 2006. Her young daughter Cassidy - who was 2 at the time - was found next to the body.

There have been no arrests in the case, but investigators have focused on Jason Young. He has maintained he was out of town on a business trip at the time.

Most of the information in the warrants released Wednesday deal with emails investigators uncovered between Young and his wife and with other people.

One exchange between the couple supports statements by friends and family that their relationship was often tumultuous.

"I am in a mood that makes our trip to myrtle seem mild, pray the beer kicks in. I could kill u for not letting me finish the yard this morning," he wrote.

In an interview with a female friend of Michelle's, she was asked about an episode where Michelle found another woman's underwear in the couple's bed.

"Jason made up some story about the maid she was not sure exactly what," said the friend.

Investigators say they uncovered an extramarital affair between Jason Young and a woman called Michelle Money. They say Money told them Young visited her on the weekend of October 7, 2006 and they had sex two times.

A friend of Young's told investigators that Young told him that Money and her husband were trying to have a child, but that she hoped it would be his.

Also in the warrants, detectives describe Young as their primary suspect in his wife's murder. He has not been arrested or charged. Michelle's family filed a civil suit against him, and he didn't show up for the case. The judge declared he was legally responsible for her death - meaning he cannot collect on her life insurance.

Michelle's family also challenged Young's custody of his daughter, and primary custody has been given to them.

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