Children taken from garbage, roach infested home

FAYETTEVILLE Detectives arrested 59-year-old Leroy Thomas and 41-year-old Pamela Thomas of Fayetteville today. Each of them is charged with six counts of child neglect.

County inspectors say the mobile home where the couple lives has severe health and safety issues caused by a malfunctioning septic tank and sewer system.

They also said the home has significant structural deterioration, no working smoke detector and overall unsanitary living conditions.

Inspectors noted a cockroach infestation, garbage in the bathtub, molded food throughout the house, piles of dirty clothes, holes in walls, exposed electrical wiring, a makeshift clothesline in the center of the living room and countertops cluttered with dozens of bottles containing cleaning solution.

Outside the home there was discarded trash and two dogs chained to a tree. A third dog was found with visible open wounds on its neck.

Two of the children are in the custody of the Department of Social Services.

Leroy Thomas took four other children out of state before he was arrested. Authorities do not know where those children are at this time.

Leroy and Pamela Thomas are each being held under a $3,000 bond. Their first court appearance is scheduled for April 14.

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