Police say baby ad was hoax

CARRBORO Concerned viewers contacted Eyewitness News Thursday afternoon after spotting the notice in the Raleigh "pets" section.

The writer says the child has to go because the family dog is stressed by the baby's crying.

The ad also says the infant comes with crib, toys, bottles, diaper bag, and formula.

Here's the full text of the ad:

My boyfriend and I recently had a baby. She is a beautiful 8 month old white child with blue eyes and brown hair. She is healthy and hasn't given us any trouble. We've been calling her "Morgan". We also have a 4 year old dog, Moose. We love him very dearly. However, Morgan has started to cause him a great deal of stress. Whenever she cries, he gets very nervous and upset. She also constantly is pulling his tail and has started teething on his ears. He's also been sneezing a lot. We think he might be allergic to little Morgan. We love our new baby dearly, but Moose has to come first. Due to the great deal of stress and discomfort Morgan has caused, we are going to try to find her a new home. She has been checked by the doctor and is up to date on all her shots. The doctor says she is a very healthy baby. She is used to diapers and only needs to be fed a few times a day. We aren't charging an adoption fee, because we want you to be able to use that money to spoil this baby. She will come with her crib, toys, bottles, diaper bag, and any formula we have left. We are requiring home visits, as we want her to go to a good family. 18+ only please. E-mail for more pictures! God Bless!

The ad also included a picture of an infant.

Carrboro Detectives say they've been in contact with the person who posted the ad and say it was a hoax. They haven't released the person's name and say the investigation is ongoing.

No charges have been filed.

The advertisement drew a quick response from other Craigslist users. One person in Clinton, NC apparently thought it was genuine.

"Hi if you are the erson [sic] who posted about morgan. I understand. I am 30 and will gladly take your child temporarily or permanatly. [sic] I have 2 kids a 6 yr old girl and a 9 yr old boy. You can bring her by please email me if you are serious," wrote the person.

Other users figured out it was a fake and posted comments like "sick" and "in very poor taste."

The ad didn't stay on the Craigslist long. Shortly after it was posted, following the link to the ad resulted in a message saying "This message has been flagged for removal."

Craigslist's terms of use state the users may not post ads that are "false, deceptive, misleading, deceitful, misinformative, or constitutes "bait and switch."

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