Raleigh lays out stimulus plan

RALEIGH Among the projects likely to be funded, according to Allen:
  • $11 million that would go toward building a new Capital Area Transit maintenance facility for CAT’s buses. It would be built off Poole Road outside I-440
  • $3 million to expand Raleigh’s Greenway system in northern Wake County. Allen says half of a $6 million dollar section of the greenway that would be 7 to 8 miles long might get funding. The section would run from the Falls of Neuse dam south toward Perry Creek Road.
  • $2 million to rehab a sewer that is old and failing near downtown Raleigh. The line runs underground from Oakwood Cemetery to Capital Boulevard.
  • $1 million to $3 million to hire more police officers.
  • $2-3 million to help the city deal with foreclosures
  • $1 million to help deal with homelessness
  • $650,000 in community grants targeted at benefitting low-income neighborhoods
  • $6 million dollars for waste treatment facilities at the city’s new water treatment plant

Very little of the money is guaranteed, but Allen says he is confident many of the above projects are very likely to receive funding. He believes the money will be of great benefit to the city.

“They would be stimulating for the economy. They would be very good projects that are needed. They would help to offset some of the capital costs,” Allen told Eyewitness News. “Generally when we get these capital projects it is stimulative to the local economy, that local people do see a result of that, jobs, purchase materials and then the spinoffs that all else that brings.”

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