President wants to cut some VA benefits

FORT BRAGG Decorated Vietnam veteran, Glen Borg, is 80 percent disabled. But the 73-year-old says he and other vets will go to war with the President to save their VA medical benefits.

"I think we could motivate a whole lot of them and their families who are responsible for those veterans cause if you start charging them a deductible or any expense and they don't have it guess who is going to pay for it, their children," Borg said.

The American Legion says there are over 700,000 veterans in North Carolina, who could see their VA medical benefits change by the President's proposal.

The plan would require private insurance companies to pay for veterans service related treatment.

Vets fear they would have to pay higher co-pays, deductibles and other medical expenses. But the white house says it would save $540 million.

"We hear the President expressing President Lincoln views to take care of soldiers, their widows and orphans, then the next breath he says, but you are going to pay for it," veteran Don Talbot said.

Already on Capitol Hill, NC Congressman Mike McIntyre said there is a ground swell of support for the veterans.

"So we are in the process right now of signing a letter that states clearly to the President that our veterans have earned their health-care and its unacceptable for the VA to ask our veterans to pay for treatment of injuries received serving our nation in uniform," McIntyre said.

That's the message vets also hope to send to the oval office, that it's not about money it's about honor.

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