Job outlook grim for college students

RALEIGH Both Wake and Durham Counties currently have a hiring freeze, are canceling job fairs and letting some new teachers go.

N.C. State student Kat Davis is starting to comprehend what the recession means to her and other aspiring teachers.

"I'm very worried," NC State Student Kat Davis said. "Personally for me I wanted to be a teacher for the longest time just because of job security."

But there is more insecurity these days in Wake and Durham Counties until budgets are final and stimulus money is available.

"I really don't know how many job opportunities there will be for kids graduating this year in education, because we're worried about keeping the kids this year." said Lori Millberg Wake School Board member.

"Just the other day the principal came in and said that 23 positions wouldn't be there in the fall," NC State student Samuel Nussman said.

Samuel Nussman's wife teaches in Wake County. He graduates next year.

"Being a young family and we're both in education and here is this hiring freeze, it's kind of knocked us back on our heels a little bit," he said.

He and others may have to change their plans, but not their passion. Jobs are still out there just elsewhere.

"We've actually stressed to a lot of our students to really push out and look to work in different parts of the state where ever the job might be," Director of Professional Ed. Michael Maher said.

This year's college graduates who can't find the job where they want, may decide to stay in school a little longer.

It will also be more competitive for graduates searching for jobs and competing with experienced teachers who've lost their jobs.

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