Raleigh named fastest-growing area in nation

RALEIGH The U.S Census Bureau says Raleigh and Cary hit 1.1 million people between 2007 and 2008, up almost 4.5 percent in a year's time.

"That's a little more rapid then it has been over the past several years so that's quite rapid growth," Demographics Expert Stephen Lilley said.

Lilley says he knows why the area hit a growth spurt, with good schools and expanding medical services people from all over want to relocate.

"The employment that we have, the kinds of jobs that we have are among the most rapidly growing," he said. "The Northeast, the Midwest, and other areas in the south, a smaller part of it but a significant part has been international migration."

Raleigh and Cary have grown a lot, but that trend is about to slow down significantly due to the bad economy.

"People tend to move for a couple big reasons, employment opportunities and amenities and the employment part of that has sort of gone away," Lilley said.

Lilley says once that gets back on track, our area may see parts of Wake County fill up even more.

"So we'd expect people to stay put see what's going to happen economically and where they may go in the future," he said.

The second fastest growing in the nation is the Austin-Round Rock area in Texas. Others in the top ten include different communities in Utah and Idaho.

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