Will Wendell Falls ever get built?

There are four thousand homes on more than 14-hundred acres. The developer spent millions of dollars building freeway bridges and off-ramps but, the project is stalled in this frozen economy.

Neighbors are wondering why construction is limping along on interchanges to the sub-division while their road, torn-up by the developer, is still stuck in the mud. They want the builder who tore up their road to fix it.

Neighbor Jerry West commented, "Whenever they complete the interchange, it's not going to lead to anything."

West and other neighbors are fuming, because the builder, Greg Ferguson and Mercury Development have also torn up Richardson Road and missed deadlines to repave it.

"All that money that's being spent should be spent on our section of Richardson Road," Stated West.

Money has been in short supply for Mercury and Wendell Falls Development. When the economy soured, construction stopped.

Wally Bowman a D.O.T. engineer stated, "We've been in constant conversation getting them to go back."

Both the freeway and Richardson are state roads ultimately controlled by the D.O.T., which stresses no taxpayer money is funding either project.

Even as the developer is three months behind fixing this road, the D.O.T. says they are back on track.

Bowman continued, "There back in there this week. They are anticipating finishing that work if we don't get rain between now and then."

Wendell Falls still hopes to bring thousands of new residents and millions in tax-dollars to Wendell.

Now the developer owes the town and Wake County 400-thousand dollars in delinquent taxes. The county had threatened foreclosure.

Homes or no homes, the state says this road will be repaved but there are no absolute guarantees as to when.

The developers did not return calls, but Wake County tax collectors say they have been in touch with the builders. They think the county will get paid by the end of the month.

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