New details in Atlas Fraley death

ORANGE COUNTY After leaving football practice last August he called 911 and an EMT arrived and supposedly checked him over, and then left him home alone.

New details reveal that the EMT who checked on Fraley resigned shortly after the incident.

We now know that Atlas Fraley signed papers showing he was checked out that day and left at home. But some question whether a minor should be allowed to make that call when it comes to his own health.

The autopsy says we may never know how 17-year-old Atlas Fraley died. Fraley's family's attorney released the EMS report detailing what paramedic James Griffin did that day.

Griffin noted Fraley was in minor discomfort but appeared stable and had several empty water bottles nearby. He told him about staying hydrated and advised him to see a doctor within 24 hours. Griffin notes he tried to call both of Fraley's parents but got no answer so he had Fraley sign discharge papers, and then left. Fraley was later found dead.

The Fraley family's main questions lie in a statement they released two days ago.

    Should he have been transported to the hospital rather than being left alone and would that have made his survival more likely?
County manager says they have never had a situation like this before. EMS staff continues to look at protocol from the state.

Orange county city manager Laura Blackmon says the paramedic did not violate policy by leaving Fraley alone that day even though other counties mandate a minor be taken to the hospital if no guardian can be reached.

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