Time Warner Pavilion holds job fair

On Saturday, the Time Warner Cable Music Pavilion held a job fair to staff for summer events.

"That's for ushers and ticket takers and we're always looking for good people," said Cindy Baucom with Time Warner Pavillion said.

The job fair is hiring seasonal employees for events in the summer, but applicants say in this economy seasonal work is crucial.

Rudolph Pritt is a local pastor applying to work as an usher. He says the extra money would be a blessing.

"This is put money in my pocket and food on the table," Pritt said. "And it's very crucial right now to be able to have part time work because there really aren't that many jobs available."

Because of the tight job market applicants lined up early.

"I think that everybody needs that extra bit, that extra bit of money right now to kind of be the icing on the cake," Baucom said. "Sometimes its the bread and butter."

Either way, job applicant Audrey Hunt feels the summer work could go a long way.

"It'll be a little extra and I really need it too so it's just like a combination," she said.

There will be more job fairs for summer employment at Time Warner Cable's Music Pavilion; the next one is for security staff on April 4.

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