Raleigh to improve its stinky odor

RALEIGH People on Raleigh's east side near a sewage pumping station have been dealing with stinky smells for years. So they were happy to hear that the city is working on the problem, but it's going to get worse before it gets better.

Homeowner Jack Price has lived in east Raleigh for 40 years. He says he loves to work in his yard, at least when it doesn't stink.

"It smells kinda bad," Price said.

The smell is from the sewage pumping station just up the road from his home.

Although the station features what's known as a scrubber to help get rid of the smell, it is far from perfect and over the next three weeks it's going to get much worse.

"Well, I hate to hear that," Price said. "But I reckon they got a reason for it."

The reason is the city will be installing a new high-tech scrubber.

The good news is it should virtually eliminate the smell. The bad news is the old system has to be disconnected while the new one is installed.

Sometimes at the sewage lift station, a strong sulphur-like odor fills the air. That scent can be smelled miles away depending on the strength of prevailing winds.

The new system will double scrub the sewer gasses at the pumping station just below the over passes at the interchange of Hwy 264 and I-440.

Price says he knows nothing about the science behind new system, but to him it doesn't really matter.

"That's the bottom line, get rid of the smell," he said.

Installation for the new scrubber will cost about $500,000. It will come out of the city of Raleigh's capital improvement budget. The installation is scheduled to be completed April 10.

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