Life in prison for soldier who shot at fellow soldiers

FORT BRAGG Earlier this month, William Kreutzer, Jr. pleaded guilty to murder, attempted murder and assault for a shooting that happened nearly 14 years ago on Fort Bragg.

On Oct. 27, 1995 he opened fire on a stadium full of people. One paratrooper was killed and 18 others were wounded.

Kreutzer's guilty plea helped him avoid the death sentence that followed his original murder conviction in 1996.That sentence was set aside by the US Court of appeals for the Armed Forces in 2005.

Six days after his guilty plea this month, a military judge said Kreutzer was found guilty on 17 attempted murder counts.

In addition to the prison sentence, Kreutzer was reduced in rank from sergeant to private. He must forfeit all pay, and he got a dishonorable discharge.

In court, Kreutzer apologized for what he did. Six of the men he shot were in court to hear it.

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