E-mail warns of Durham dog attack

DURHAM Authorities confirmed to Eyewitness News that there was an attack Monday.

The e-mail dated March 23 was sent to a group downtown businesses and residents that subscribe to a listserve. The author of the message, who is a downtown Durham resident, said he and a friend witnessed the attack and tried to help.

The man said he and a friend were walking Monday afternoon when they saw two pit bulls running along a greenway trail between Green St. and Markham Blvd. He immediately called 911 and then saw the dogs a few minutes later.

According to witnesses, one of the pit bulls, which is described as a reddish, tan colored male, attacked a chihuahua that was being walked by a child.

The man said he and four adult men rushed to the aid of the dog. One of the men tried to fight off the pit bull with a tree branch but it was not enough to save the smaller dog.

Witnesses say the chihuahua was killed in front of the boy who was walking it.

An animal control officer and one of the men were able to track down the second pit bull, a female that was not involved in the attack. The male dog has not been located.

Anyone who uses the greenway near downtown should be on the lookout for a reddish, tan colored male pit bull.

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