Police search for student assault suspect

WAKE COUNTY According to Wake County School spokesman Michael Evans, a female student at East Wake High School called 911 to report an assault around 4:50 p.m. Tuesday

Eyewitnesses say the girl was outside the gym on her cell phone after school when she ran inside and said a guy attacked her and tried to rape her.

"She said somebody was outside while she was on the phone," Eyewitness Marquis Boone said. "They just ran up and grabbed her and threw her on the wall and tried to have sex with her. She said she was punching and stuff then she ran away or he let her go.

Officials put the school on lockdown as they searched for the suspect.

"We were told that we need to be in lockdown, close all doors, and stop all practicing," student Tashawn Robertson said. "We were told that we're not supposed to leave just for safety procedures I guess."

Students say the campus is too open and has too many doors. They say there is not enough security.

"It's terrible, we don't feel pretty safe," Robertson said. "Anyone can get on this campus. If it can happen this easily, where were the security guards when they're supposed to be here."

But students say another student may be to blame. Officers say they don't know for sure, but they hope surveillance video will help.

"We are interviewing some witnesses and we're trying to take a look at some tape, some footage, that may have something on it," Wake County Sheriff Donnie Harrison said. "We don't even have a good description to give you yet but it doesn't appear that it was a rape. The first comments were that it was a rape and we want to make it clear right now that we don't see a rape at this time."

The sheriff says the girl was treated by paramedics, but not taken to a hospital.

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