Drivers frustrated with commute mess

RALEIGH The DOT is widening Wake Forest Road at the Beltline. Officials say widening the road will alleviate traffic tangles. But last weekend, crews made the interior lane of the off ramp for right turns only, which ordinarily drivers could turn right or left.

Now some drivers are saying the change is downright dangerous.

"There's too much traffic there, that's their problem," driver Darril Lewis said. "People trying to figure it out, things just get backed up."

"People who've lived here, they're confused on what to do and the new people they don't' really know what to do," Lewis said.

Commuters also say the recent change has left some drivers stranded in the middle of the intersection.

"People don't pay attention to that sign, you try to get into the turn lane, you've got people trying to get over because they want to go straight and it's just a mess," driver Cindy McPherson said. "We got caught in it a couple of times I make sure now that I pay attention."

DOT crews say the mess is temporary. But they are busy installing traffic islands under the bridge work that can't be done overnight.

The project will wrap up at the end of April.

DOT has set up additional signs and plan to update the pavement markings to keep traffic flowing.

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