Teacher suspended for dragging student

RALEIGH It happened last week at Preeminent Charter School in southeast Raleigh.

Eyewitness News has learned that the student, a 6-year-old girl, threw some blocks at another student in class and was told to go out in the hall.

According to school officials, the girl threw a tantrum and was acting violently, kicking and screaming.

Officials say her teacher couldn't get her to calm down and at some point, the teacher "grabbed her foot and did drag her down the hall" into the principal's office.

The hall is carpeted, which left the girl with marks and rug burns on her body.

The charter school is run by National Heritage Academies, which is based in Michigan.

A spokeswoman there says the teacher was suspended Thursday and Friday, given a written warning and she apologized to the girl's family.

"Our discipline policy never condones using physical force to restrain a child," a spokeswoman said. "She did show poor judgment in how she handled it."

The teacher is said to have an excellent reputation and is known as one of the school's stand-out performers, which factored into why she was suspended rather than fired, the official says.

The girl, according to her father, is still in some pain as of Monday, but she has returned to class.

And after spending some time in the classroom observing the teacher, her father says he has decided to leave his daughter in the class for now. But an investigation is ongoing.

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