Board approves longer school days

RALEIGH It means all students will have 10 minutes added to their day and then be released one hour early on Wednesdays. Teachers will use the time for collaboration and planning. Two extra half days will also be added to the annual calendar.

The change won't affect all students the same way. Some will have 10 minutes added to the beginning of their day, others 10 at the end. All told, it will add up to an extra 300 hours a year - but won't change the overall amount of time students spend in the classroom.

Some parents aren't happy with the plan - saying it will mean they'll have to pay for more child care. One parent told Eyewitness News it would add an extra $100 per month to her bills.

The changes take effect in July.

At the same meeting, the board approved a new budget that includes significant cuts to operating expenses.

Superintendent Del Burns told board members he'll waive his contracted 3-percent salary increase to help with the budget.

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