Crime alert in Cameron Village

RALEIGH Several residents in Cameron Village say they've been notified by police of up to 90 break-ins in the area since the beginning of the year.

Residents living in the Cameron Village condominiums and nearby are on edge.

"There have been break-in all around that area and recently too," resident James Morgan said.

Police have made several arrests since January, but just Monday another condo was targeted. Morgan says he was at his girlfriend's home at the corner of St. Mary's Street and Wade Avenue that night.

"We noticed a crime unit that was outside the property," Morgan said. "They said there was a break in and they were taking pictures and getting fingerprints."

Investigators say the suspects are getting in through back doors and windows.

"One of the windows was broken so I guess they either threw a rock or tried to get in that way," Morgan said.

That's how someone entered a home Friday; they smashed the back window and stole a computer and other small electronics.

Brandon McPherson says his girlfriend is frightened.

"She's been on edge ever since this started," he said. "She woke up the other day with the CCBI and two police officers out in her parking spot and she was really scared."

The whole community is concerned and questioning their safety.

"This is supposed to be an extremely safe area but right now we're have to question that," McPherson said.

Raleigh police are still investigating the break-ins. They aren't saying if they're linked, but they are still asking for the public's help in finding whoever else is responsible.

They've stepped up patrol in the area, but if you see anything suspicious you're asked to call Raleigh police.

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